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Find out why things that seem easy for everyone else, just don't seem to work for you. 
Learn what DOES work for you.
Get measurable, visible, sustainable results in self care, fitness, life / project planning and life goals.
Forge your new path and see yourself take off to new heights.
Become the best version of you.
This is the journey of your transformation for lasting results.
What if you could become the hero of your own story?
It is all possible with simple tools that are individually customized for you.  Everything is individualized.
I offer 1:1 Coaching Packages using a scientifically recognized fast and simple approach in psychotherapy called Internal Family Systems (IFS) - a program developed by Dick Schwartz, PhD. This method works very fast and allows you to gain mastery in a short period of time so that you can apply it in your life to unleash your highest potential and live the life you truly want whether that means meeting health and wellness goals,  addressing life goals,  or tapping into purpose. I am also a Personal Trainer with expertise in Corrective Exercises. This allows me to help guide you on your journey to fitness and mindfulness.
Sessions with me are either in person or virtual ( and can be booked a la carte or with packages to save.  I also enjoy coaching outdoors on walks / hikes when weather permits.
Together we will work with the mind body connection to propel you forward. 
Align and Transform. Altraform.

About the symbol on the logo: The logo is inspired by the Maori depiction of the Koru -a fern frond. This shape is circular and includes two coils- outer and inner. The inner coil symbolizes new life and peace and the outer coil depicts growth, strength and continuation of life.  One of the oldest plants on earth, the fern unfolds from a point of center that is in perpetual movement. 


Whatever your coil, its inner point holds the power finding clarity, calm and courage for the life you want.

For more information message me at:
or call 1-860-421-3971 
To learn more about the science behind IFS click here.
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