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Customized self-care strategies for success.

I am a Certified Master Health Coach and Level 3 Certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) Practitioner.  I am also certified in multiple other wellness modalities including Nutrition, Fitness, and Breath Work. I have studied MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and hold degrees in in Psychology (Bachelor of Science) and Health Care Management (Master of Science). 

Coaching for Life & Wellness was a natural progression from my social work career counseling and advocating in health care settings. It was also a natural progression in my personal journey in personal development.  Helping others required that I first do my own deep dive and learn how to do this from within so that I can lead with curiosity and compassion. 

I developed this program after realizing I needed and wanted it. 
The first spark came with my work with the elderly in long term care settings. As their social worker I was their guide in times of crisis where they needed to navigate in the ins and outs of their short and long term care needs. Being there to offer customized comfort and practical tools applicable to their real world needs was fundamental for them, and me in serving them best.  In my work, I met 
several individuals I consider mentors who touched me with their emanating sense of joy, contentment, and a natural way of nurturing their selves as well as others in their interactions.  "What leads a person to age with such a felt sense of wisdom that glows?", I wondered as I started my search for answers over 25 years ago. How did they do that? What were they like? What had their life been like? Despite the hardships and joys in varying degrees, and admittedly, several life stories made me cry, the one thing that stood out to me was their connection with their inner self. This led me to the unshakeable desire to embody that quality and the knowledge that if I wanted to have *that* energy, I HAD to come off of autopilot and start connecting with my core self. Once I saw this, I could not unsee it. It channeled my curiosity for my own deep dives in personal development. 

As a certified fitness and nutrition person you might think I was naturally gifted in these areas. The truth is, I never played sports in or outside of school. In fact, fitness and self-care became priorities for me much later in life with a spark in my late 20's in an effort to manage stress with running - because ironically, I had no time or desire to commit to going to the gym. I remained stagnant there in the world of no pain - no gain and only progressed after becoming a mom in my mid 30's, when I was hit with the undeniable felt sense of being trapped in my own body, and realizing I had been chronically struggling with myself  despite having lived within normal bodyweight guidelines with zero fitness levels. My discomfort with my body required me to stop punishing myself.

I would pass by mirrors or take selfies with my baby, and not recognize ME. People reassured me that I had been through a lot and that women over 35 having babies have difficulty bouncing back, that it was to be expected, and that I will adapt or rather, I should get used to it. 

But I felt *trapped* in my own body. Initially it was my size, but I soon realized it was my sense of power. 

I looked at the women who seemingly had it all and fantatsized I would stick to a strict diet and exercise program without fail- until I got hungry again or felt the waive of post breastfeeding narcolepsy take over. I felt powerless. 

I realized I needed to go back to my core values and training in psychology for deeper answers. This led me to my life altering path of training in IFS as a practitioner and developing this coaching path that I could already see women I was coaching for weightloss, actually thirsted for. It was the foundation of that connection to self I had already seen in my career in health care settings. 
Coaching women in holistically feels right and has had the most sustainable results for myself and my clients.  I am passionate about helping you flourish  without the short-lived, often painful "no pain-no gain" bully tactics. 
Coaching that connects us to our core self and values, offers enduring change where subsequent growth becomes inevitable. Deep, Health & Wellness principles are essential for sustained change otherwise we cannot get on board with whatever self improvement we may desire whether it is weight loss, improved relationships,  increased energy, stress management or growing into the ideal version of ourselves we strive for. Why? Because if we are not on board with our program, we simpy won't do it. It will never become intuitively natural, and it won't fuel us in the long run. It will instead exhaust. This was why I had previously kept quitting things- until I didn't anymore. My plan finally aligned with my values and deep core needs. I stopped trying to overpower parts of myself. Instead of struggling to hold a bouy under water, I learned to use it to hold myself up for air. 
I believe that movement and somatic self care help us connect to our body. The way we treat our body determines to a great extent how we show up in the world. Connecting to ourselves allows us to remember our unique needs on our path to wellness. For each of us, the way we get onto this path of self-care will look and express itself differently. Our needs are different. and yet fundamentally we all want to feel ourselves be in flow and aligned with what lights us up. Addressing the why's and the how's compassionately leads to outcomes that are more satisfying and lasting and foundational in our lives universally. 
Unlike other systems, the focus here is to build independence, portability, adaptability, and resilience so that you can continue on your own lifelong path to wellness effectively. This shift is crucial and immediately felt. 
The word Altraform is a blend of the words "align" and "transform" and came through an attempt to explain this way of coaching.  The path to our transformation is as unique as we are. Magic happens when we align our care values and vision. With that we get vitality, spark, and connection with our desired path.
I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and guide you on your amazing journey to self-leadership, wellness, and success.  In gratitude for your interest in me, I would like to offer a free Core Needs Reflection Activity  HERE  to get you started.  You can also email me at to schedule a 20 minute discovery call,  try a single session with no obilgation to sign on, or jump right into the 12-week guided Wellness Evolution  program.
I look forward to connecting with you. 
With Love,
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