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Coaching for Professionals, Students & Educators

Self Leadership has a wide application across settings including the workplace whether you are an executive, a manager, an employee, or a professional infusing this way of approaching wellness into the way you serve others. A coaching package for yourself or your employees will facilitate individual wellness as well as culture change that promotes wellness, energy, connection, and improved communication. All of it is good for you and good for business.

If you are looking for support in implementing self-leadership into your practice as professional serving others, you may be wondering where to start since this is often taught using the therapist paradigm. How can you infuse self-leadership into your work and inspire clients while staying true to the model and also sharpening your professional edges? Together we can define this and hone your practice to help you develop your fluency with the model and its applications in creating a happier workplace. This has also made a great gift for staff. Please note that all private coaching remains confidential despite a third-party payer.

Self Leadership has also arrived in the classroom. Imagine a classroom where students learn how to recognize their feelings and make better choices and the adults working with them learn how to recognize the moment students might be losing the ability to do so.

Stress in the classroom can become a barrier to success and wellness for all. How can we nurture happier classroom experiences for all?

In coaching students and teachers, we examine ways to foster better connections for more calm and effective outcomes. How can we avoid burnout and frustration? How can we recover from it? How can we improve communication across all levels of the organization? How can we incorporate mindful being as a way, and still stay on task? These are burning issues in education today. As an experienced provider working with schools as a staff facilitator and student coach, we can work together to foster calming connection without the burden of yet another initiative to roll out.

Contact me here for direct 1:1 support.  For national and international group workshops and resources for teachers and educators specifically, you can also visit the Self Leadership Collaborative.

Coach for Professionals, Students & Educators

This style of coaching will guide you towards an intuitive simple method for: ​​

  • Integrating a culture of wellness into your professional practice

  • Executive & Life Coaching for staff

  • Improving Communication and Relationships

  • Supporting individual, workplace, and classroom learning and growth

  • Creating harmony & managing stressful emotions

  • Inspiring creativity 

  • Building a caring cohesive community

Theresa Velendzas MS NBC-HWC
Life & WellnessCoach
Certified Master Health Coach, Certified IFS Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Breathwork Coach
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