Coaching for Students & Educators

IFS has a wide application across settings including the classroom. Imagine a classroom where students learn how to recognize their feelings and make better choices and the adults working with them learn how to recognize the moment students might be losing the ability to do so.


Stress in the classroom can become a barrier to success. How can we foster better connection and growth?

In coaching students and also in workshops presented to teachers we examine ways to foster better connections for more calm and effective outcomes. Mindfulness is a piece of it, but again the emphasis is on what we do with that knowledge. This is accomplished through various forms including 1 :1 coaching, classroom work, and teacher workshops. 


Learn to self regulate, manage stress, perfectionism, problems in executive functioning, and to feel centered and empowered. Students learn to balance work with self-care and ways to cope and grow to their highest potential.  

Contact me here for direct 1:1 support and for national resources through the Self Leadership Collaborative.

Coach for Student Success

It's an Honor to be on this Journey With You

This style of coaching will guide you towards an intuitive simple method for: ​​

  • Supporting individual and classroom learning

  • Creating harmony & managing stressful emotions

  • Inspiring creativity in learning

  • Building a caring cohesive learning community

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Theresa Velendzas MS
Life Coach 
Certified IFS Practitioner,