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Small Group Coaching

Group Coaching offers the benefit of a tribe and a shared experience of growth within a completely personalized journey. This is a hybrid program with a library of personal resources and weekly group activities to nurture momentum and pacing. Additional 1:1 coaching is possible beyond the complementary sessions offered. This program typically runs for 6 months in the SelfWell Circle co-created with my friend and colleague Zsuzsi Gero. 


You can message me here for information on the next circle.


Group Coaching can be for personal wellness within a group you are a part of or you may want to join a group that runs periodically with peers. These are completely private and have the added benefit of connecting with a community. 
Customized group packages are available. Group Coaching blends personalized 1:1 support with weekly group sessions for community sharing, support, and accountability.
Examples of coaching groups I have facilitated are:

  • Educational; Professionals learning wellness through an IFS lens often want a group of like-minded individuals to add practice to their learning component. Groups are great ways to explore topics, exercises, and practice.

  • Practical: This is a great add-on to your 1:1 practice whether with me or with another professional. Bring friends/colleagues and explore practices to deepen your experience.

  • Fun: Add this to your Health & Wellness Challenge with your people for balanced support, daily accountability, and activities/structure customized to your goals.


Message me for an opportunity to tailor something to your needs! 


Group & 1:1 Hybrid Coaching Program

This style of coaching will guide you towards an intuitive simple and sustainable method for: 

  • Developing self-mastery

  • Stress management without the added stress

  • Working with your inner critic

  • Tapping into clarity, creativity, and confidence  

  • Improving overall wellness

  • Living in alignment with your higher purpose.

  • Inspiration & Support for deep-dive personal development on your individualized journey so you can step into your next level of living.

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Theresa Velendzas MS NBC-HWC
Life & WellnessCoach
Certified Master Health Coach,Certified IFS Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Breathwork Coach
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