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Psychology Guided
Life & Wellness Coaching

In Coaching, I combine Health & Wellness Coaching with Self Leadership Coaching, movement / physical activity, nutrition / healthy eating habits, and mindfulness to inspire intuitive self-care that comes naturally and helps you thrive. This heart-centered work blended with science adapts to individuals to create a personalized plan that works.   Once you learn this and practice it you will experience deeper levels of continual growth.

I have worked with women on their fitness journey seeking ways to stay on track, women recovering from life-altering illness, and women seeking to radically change their lives by shifting deeply rooted patterns that no longer serve.  I have worked with men seeking a more holistic approach to self-care and wellness both for weight loss and executive coaching. It all begins with the individual seeking change.  A client-centered approach is paramount.

The work is individualized and geared towards a preferred area of focus to support holistic well-being.

There is a mindfulness and somatic emphasis in all experiential activities. We also examine movement and  nutrient-dense foods that you enjoy and we adapt them to your preferred lifestyle in ways that feel good. 

A note on IFS: IFS has a wide application across settings -clinical and not.  In my practice, I focus on coaching for self-understanding, empowerment, and change. Even though IFS is a clinical model that I am trained to use, my coaching services are not a replacement for therapy. If you are working with a therapist or clinician, coaching with me can help advance that work. Please feel free to inquire about collaborative approaches with your clinician. Given I am highly trained in this approach our work together can complement your work with an IFS therapist.

Life & Wellness Coaching

It's an Honor to be on this Journey With You

This style of coaching will guide you towards an intuitive simple and sustainable method for: 

  • Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindfulness

  • Tuning in to your core self to understand and get to know your inner saboteur

  • Finding clarity, creativity and confidence to make the changes you want

  • Building Connection to your higher purpose

  • Inspiration & Support for deep-dive personal development on your individualized journey.

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Theresa Velendzas MS NBC-HWC
Life & WellnessCoach
Certified Master Health Coach, Certified IFS Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Breathwork Coach
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