Psychology guided life & wellness coaching for women.

Individually tailored for lasting results
& self-care that feel intuitively nourishing.
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Evolving into the greatest version of ourselves requires personalized and adaptable resources inside and out. In my 3-month Wellness Evolution Program, we dive deeply into all aspects of your self-care so you can thrive in:

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition

  • Self Leadership Coaching

  • Daily Habits

  • Mindfulness

  • Daily Connection

  • Relationships with yourself and others

If you are tired of being stuck in the same patterns and want to find balance, you may need to go deeper in your approach. If you are like me you have learned that deprivation programs don't work long term. What happens when you let go of a balloon you have been holding under water? This is where applying mind-body science can have transformational, long-lasting results that grow with you.

What if you could implement a healthy lifestyle that works to bring your body to optimal functioning, both short and long term -without constant struggle? What if your self-care tasks felt intuitively nourishing instead of painful? What if this helped you manage stress and overcome barriers to other things holding you back? Perhaps you already have resources but you just can't seem to use them or feel overwhelmed. Together we can incorporate resources you may already have sitting on your ToDo List. We navigate your aspirations and available resources to get you there. We start with YOU.


Together we will turn your struggle into calm your overwhelm into courage and confidence while experiencing transformational results. 


Your starting point is just as unique as you are. I serve all levels of background and expertise.

If you like you can take this questionnaire ahead of our meeting so that we can see if we are a good fit and you can interview me in our time together.


Message me to book our call for a complimentary session or, if you would like to dive into experiencing an IFS (Internal Family Systems) Session you can combine our shorter discovery session with a discounted session. 


Standard packages begin at 12-weeks and include daily check-ins for personalized support and weekly virtual 90-minute 1:1 sessions.


It is an honor to connect on your journey. 


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Theresa Velendzas MS 
Life & WellnessCoach
Certified IFS Practitioner,

Areas of Specialization

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A Personalized System that Grows with You.

It's an Honor to be on this Journey With You

This style of coaching will guide you towards an intuitive simple and sustainable method for: 

  • Fitness & Weight Balancing so you feel great

  • Tuning in to your core self to understand and get to know your inner saboteur

  • Finding clarity, creativity, and confidence to make the changes you want

  • Building Connection to your higher purpose

  • Inspiration & Support for deep-dive personal development on your individualized journey.

Theresa Velendzas
Theresa Velendzas MS 
Certified IFS Practitioner,

Altraform is a word that was inspired from the words Align & Transform. It is what helped me on my journey. Altraform offers individually tailored coaching for success in self-care goals for women over 40 struggling with fitness and weight gain.  The added perks include stress management, finding clarity, purpose, calm and better connection with others, as well as the confidence to pursue dreams. 


Start the Self Assessment and get a jump start on your first session ~

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I'm grateful to connect with you.

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“ I love how this work with Theresa grows with me and has helped me in so many areas of my life”

“Theresa is warm, caring, present and an expert in her field.”

— A.R.

— B.N.