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Meal Plan

My favorite Meal Plan -by far is the 21 Day Fix Plan because of its flexibility. Not only can I focus on nutrient dense whole foods nutrition but it allows me to easily calculate my proportions and portion sizes. 

My clients also love it because there is a lot of variety and it allows for personal preference be it vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, or pescatarian. Ethnic foods? Covered! Tasty recipe suggestions to clean up favorite foods? Covered! You can make any flavor work here and still feel satisfied and full while meeting your weight and fitness goals. There is even a bikini competition version that uses a form of carb cycling intended for short term use. It is that adaptable and it still works!


Just check out my recipe page or follow me on social media where I share my plates almost daily.

To facilitate learning the system there are bins that help both as a visual as well as a measuring tool. There is also an app to help you keep track throughout the day. The great part there is that it also can be used as a reference point to remind you what food groups are available in your daily portions. This keeps us from overeating certain food groups. For me it's carbs so this really helps!

Check out the app here for iOS:

and for android:

Of course I can walk you through or trouble shoot any of this. My goal is to tailor assistance to your needs. You can join one of my accountability group, follow me here or on social media for tips and support, and make a life style change that works for you, with no memberships or time constraints.  After all, we need to make many choices daily along our journey.  The tools and support are here.

Your decision to start is all you need.

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